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Herbert Grohmann
Norbert Wilhelmi

An internet picture database handles many tasks. You can use it as a storage place for your own pictures. It's easy and fast to import and organise new pictures and with just a mouse click your pictures become visible to other internet users. Editors and art directors research and buy suitable pictures online. The backbone of your own stock photo business is your internet picture database. By using PictureFarmer you rent an all-round solution which allows you to quickly and professionally distribute and sell your pictures. And since it grows with your needs its never heavy on your budget.
PictureFarmer makes your pictures immediately visible to other internet users. And you never will be bothered with complex computing language or the need to install all sorts of additional software. It's a complete "out-of-the-box" solution.
Double clicking starts PictureFarmer - just like any other software. Enter your ID and your password and you are ready to import new pictures, search existing pictures or inspect sales of pictures while you were gone.
Any and all communication with your internet picture database is encrypted. And no matter where you are,
you always have access to your data.
Naturally, you can adjust the look of PictureFarmer according to your own preferences. It is just as easy to integrate an already existing internet site.
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This is what you can expect:
- Unristricted design of your internet picture data base
- strong performance of client-software for all Java enabled operating systems
- extensive and powerful batch processing possibilities to maintain your pictures
- unique hierarchical keyword catalogue
- simultaneous keyword indexing in up to 4 languages
- integration of already existing IPTC information
- automatic creation of thumbnails and previews
- watermark protection of previews
- automatic upload of all needed picture files
- keyword and full-text search
- customer registration
- customer light box
- maintenance of customer data
- ordering and direct dowloads of HiRes files for unlocked customers
- integrated e-mail system
- time controlled locking and unlocking of pictures
- flexible definition of price models
- flexible invoicing models for your customers
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PictureFarmer works with these operating systems:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
MacOS X (10.4 and higher)
Minimum requirements:
Java 5 (1.5) installation
Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixel (17" default resolution)
Internet access
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